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Chaos Men

A couple weeks ago I was commenting on how Tatum had turned into an amazing bottom, and I feel the same way about Wren.

He never seems to balk at any cock tossed at him, and Jordan’s cock is actually quite thick and a challenge for most. Wren’s cock seems to love being pounded by Jordan, who relentlessly drives his dick over and over into Wren’s hole.

Even being ridden flat on his stomach, Wren’s cock lays backwards, out behind him, with his balls crushed…still hard! His cock never seems to wilt as Jordan pleasures his own dick, going in and out of his hole over and over again.

The dude really likes to get fucked, and Jordan really got off on pleasing Wren with his cock.

Wren does confuse me a little. He sounds straight when he talks. Has a very deep voice, and sounds like a stoner dude when he talks. His primary interest is women, and often when he is around, he is texting or calling some girl, showing me a picture now and then of who he is trying to get busy with.

And then to see him in this video, where he is clearly having a great time servicing Jordan’s big knob, then being drilled by it. Just makes me wonder what side of the sexuality fence Wren will land on. Maybe he will sit right in the center.

Anyway, this is a rather long video as Jordan really fucks him long and hard, and I just never could yell “Cut!” nor edit out any part of the video. Watching Jordan dive in and out of his hole relentlessly was just too amazing to trim down!

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